Partner and Sponser the Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg, Florida

Many of the programs, events and activities the Police Athletic League of St. Petersburg offers would not be possible without the generous support and participation from sponsors and alliances with other organization.

Every donation collected is a tax-deductible donation to the Police Athletic League. This organization works with corporations, community service groups, small business owners, and schools to help some of the areas underprivileged children.

The PAL depends on donations from people like you to keep children in classes. If you would like to make a contribution, please click on the donate button.
PAL is a nonprofit organization, spanning some 90 years of commitment to youth. It is the largest organization of law enforcement agencies utilizing athletics, recreational and educational activities to instill positive life principles and character building tools in an effort to deter juvenile crime and violence.

PAL is grateful to the Juvenile Welfare Board for providing the funds to purchase a new van.

We are truly grateful to the Russell Foundation for their support in 2014/15. We have been able to provide 10 children with opportunities to participate in our after school and summer programs who would not have been able to afford to come. Thanks Richmond Flowers for your passion to help kids in our local community.

Donate Today

Please consider a financial donation today or contact us directly to see how your organization can partner and support PAL in the community.