Catching Up with Iyonna Holloway

stpete Uncategorized 0 November 2, 2017

VolunIyonna Holloway started coming to PAL St. Pete when she was five years old. It was definitely a family affair, as three siblings and all her cousins also participated in PAL programs.

Today, one of Iyonna’s brothers is studying to be a fireman and her sister is a 2nd grade teacher.

Iyonna is a senior in the Early Childhood program at Gibbs. She is also a Counselor in PAL’s Summer Camp and After School Program.

Growing up, PAL represented a kind of second family for Iyonna, where there was never a shortage of mentors to help, encourage, and nurture her. PAL gave Iyonna a lens through which she could see the difference between choosing to be influenced by the many negative influences that tempt teenagers and the positive influences available at PAL.

“If I wasn’t at PAL, there is no telling what kind of trouble I might have gotten into,” Iyonna said. “PAL helped me choose positive activities and directions. PAL has been life-changing. PAL focuses you on positive things.”

Iyonna has decided that she, too, wants to be a positive force for young people. Upon graduating from Gibbs, she plans to attend UCF and begin studies that will lead her to becoming vOLUNTEERSVolunteerrsa Pediatric Medical Assistant.

We are so happy for Iyonna and all the PAL kids who go on to become productive and happy adults. Iyonna is well on her way. We look forward to sharing more about her journey in the years ahead.

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