Big Thanks to Spoor Bunch Franz for Sponsoring this Newsletter

stpete PAL 0 November 2, 2017

We are very grateful to Spoor Bunch Franz for sponsoring this newsletter. Never heard of Spoor Bunch Franz? That’s because they are actually two leading accounting firms coming together as one. Here’s their announcement.

“We are pleased to announce our forthcoming merger of Spence Marston Bunch Morris & Co. and Spoor & Associates, P.A. The merger will be effective January 1, 2016. On that date, our combined firm will begin conducting its practice as Spoor Bunch Franz.

“The combined firm represents the coming together of two of the oldest and most respected CPA firms in the Tampa Bay area. Spence Marston Bunch Morris & Co. began its professional practice in 1971 and Spoor & Associates, P.A. began in 1974. Both firms share similar values and ethics which have contributed to their success and longevity. We are confident the combined firm will continue the tradition of excellent service, deep expertise, and an environment our clients and associates want to be a part of. “

Congratulations to Spoor Bunch Franz. If your business would be interested in sponsoring an upcoming newsletter, call us at 727-800-1PAL (1725).

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